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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Furioso Dreadnought.

Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons, Blood Talons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love him, have alot of fun with this feller


Friday, 8 October 2010

Assault Terminators.

After using my normal terminators with storm bolters and power fists, i realised they weren't much fun to play. I took their arms off and used the spare arms from the assault box set to make a ten man squad, 5 lightning claws and 5 thunder hammers. I prefer how they play and look but moving them is a pain as at first i thought i could put all of them in my land raider. Now i no i can only take 6, iv been taking a 5 man squad with a sanguinary priest and HQ which can be very nasty. Its been great learning the game i really feel like im getting the hang of it now.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Old Boy Dante.

I think its time for him to have a new model. He could look alot cooler in my opinion. Still makes the army look good standing in gold with his Sanguinary Guard.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Sergeant Upgrades

After playing my two tactical squads and one assault squad, i very quickly realised having a Power Fist would really help me out. Gave all the serg's a Power Fist each and now has really sorted the squads out.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lets bring in the Heavy Stuff!

The whole point in being space marines for me was the vehicles, so here's a few.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Astorath the Grim.

This guy is awesome, love playing him. Like i said earlier he goes nicely with Death Company giving the re-roll on hits and wounds, plus making the Red Thirst easier to get on your units with a roll of 1,2 or 3 rather than the normal 1. On top of that as a model he looks fantastic! I wanted to use a different paint scheme with him just because i wanted him to be darker looking, a bit more vampireish! Let me no what you think.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sanguinary Guard

Well aren't they pretty...! Sanguinary Guard, another expensive squad. Very cool to use, specially with the chapter banner having +1 attack making that 4 each on the charge. Haven't used these guys much due to the points, i might replace the Death Company with these one night just to get the hang of them, its an easy replacement with them both being similar point values. The time i have used them i deep striked with Dante which ment i didn't scatter due to Surgical Strike. Having 2 Infernus Pistols ment they were nice tank killers but having the worst luck with rolling dice, nothing happened. I then got into combat but couldn't do that in my turn because i deep striked, so no charge for me adding an attack. They got squished but im sure thats my fault in the way i was using them. Still they look good on the table..... so thats cool.......


5 Man Death Company

So here they are, men of the Black Rage. Putting them together i wanted to equip them with all the bad ass weapons but now after playing the game, i've quickly come to realise how expensive they are, having all the trimmings! I now think they would be a lot better off being in a Rhino and just having their standard weapons, Bolt Pistol and Chainsword. Maybe even make them 10 rather than 5. Running them how they are i put them with Astorath the Grim for the re-rolling on hits and wounds. I found flying them over the battlefield i'd loose 2 or 3 before i even got in combat which was pretty pointless by the time i got there, though Astorath is a monster and does just fine! I'm the sort of player that has to play them how they're modelled so for now i will have to find away to keep them alive. If your going to use these fellers in your line up be warned these 5 as they are have a point value of 260! 5x Jump packs, Power fist, Thunder hammer, Powersword and Infernus pistol.

Its all a learning curve but at the same time its been fun using them.


Monday, 13 September 2010

Very Sorry!

Well ive been rubbish. Haven't posted in ages. Been playing lots of games at my local club and just trying to get the hang of the rules and what best army layout to play.

All my painting is done so i'll post pics to show everything finished. Thanks for staying with me, will make more posts more often.


Monday, 12 July 2010

Not Angels but painting practice.

Just to get used to painting and improve my techniques, i thought rather than trying it on my army, i'd try it on some other models i had given to me as a gift by the lovely girlfriend. When i started i couldn't decide between Orks or Ultramarines, so she got me a bit of both, a box of Ork Boyz and Marneus Calgar. When the Blood Angel Codex came out, that threw those ideas out the window. I painted them anyway and think they came out ok. The cloak of Marneus looks cool but doesn't look so good on the photograph. I couldn't seem to catch it right (and i'm a photographer!! i quit!! haha). I just painted the Nob of the boyz but Orks are very cool and fun to paint

I'm currently painting a 5 man Death Company Squad. They should be done soon so i'll get a picture up as soon as they're done.


Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've been painting a lot and haven't had the time to post any pics. I also painted a couple other figures which were given to me as a gift, i'll get those pics up tonight after work.

Went to my local gaming club last week, nice group of people. Should be getting my first game on wednesday. Just wish my army was finished/painted. Looks like the army's i'll be fighting will be either SM, Eldar or Orks. Looking forward to it.

Hope you all are well


Monday, 21 June 2010

Built Sanguinary Guard

Good god these fellers took ages to build! They look awesome though, its worth the trouble (even the trouble with the wings, they sucked to put on!). The detail is fantastic, really looking forward to painting them.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Work Station

Still to Paint

Just thought id add a list of things i still need to get painted.

Commander Dante
Astorath The Grim
5x Terminator Assault Squad
5x Sanguinary Guard
5x Death Company (which looks awesome, really nice details)
5x Scout Squad
2x Rhino
1x Predator
1x Drop Pod (for a Death Company Dreadnought which i still need to buy)

Still a lot to do but im getting there. Ill start creating lists after that for different point match's.

Friday, 18 June 2010

2 10 man tactical squads

Finally finished these guys. Was getting very tired doing these, just got very repetitive. The first squad looks ok but the second i got a bit sloppy as you can see by the boltguns. Didn't bother with the details just went for boltgun metal then a wash. Looking forward to painting some HQ's now as its just the one model and can spend more time on them.

Assault Squad

Finished these boys. 5 man assault squad with power weapon and combat shield. Just went out and got a five man death company squad which should be fun to paint. Thinking i might spray them black, then instead of highlighting the armor with grey i might dry brush boltgun metal, which i hope will highlight and give a well used/battered look.

I no the helmets should be yellow but i'm not feeling that look, prefer it red.

Terminator Squad

Ok so finished my 5 man Terminator Squad and made my first cock up! Just seen in the codex that i can't have an assault cannon and a cyclone missile launcher in one 5 man squad so might have to change something there.

Let me no what you think

Dreadnought Finished

Ok so started with the Dreadnought with assault cannon, blood fist and storm bolter. Got to get a Furioso Dread with blood talons, just got to decide weather to get it from Forge World or custom it myself (to get blood talons on the model).

Anyway let me no what you think.

Also as i'm starting out, i'm going to get a lot wrong so would like y'all to let me no or give advice on my army as it grows. Aiming for a 2000 point army to take to my local club when i'm ready

Peace y'all

The Army Begins....

Been 15 years since i played 40k, 2nd addition i think?! Really wanted to get back into it again, so iv bought myself a load of stuff and now starting to paint it up. Iv burnt myself out a bit but i am slowly getting there. I'll post some pics as i get them done. Id like to no what you think so let me no.