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Monday, 21 June 2010

Built Sanguinary Guard

Good god these fellers took ages to build! They look awesome though, its worth the trouble (even the trouble with the wings, they sucked to put on!). The detail is fantastic, really looking forward to painting them.


  1. Hey there, found you through MWG's website just today. The BA are looking pretty impressive. I wish I had your dedication to projects, I have mountains of stuff to build and it's tough to make a dent. I helped a friend out the wings on a Hive Tyrant a few days ago..I fully understand the trouble they present.

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. It's very hard when you have all your army bought and sitting in front of you ready to build and paint. I made that mistake in buying it all at once. I should have got it a bit at a time and when i finished painting that set, go out and buy the next one.

    Keep at it dude, do a little bit at a time and make sure you take breaks when painting/building. You make mistakes when you get tired.

  3. Yeah believe me..I am Captain of the Team when it comes to "Oh crap...that's in the wrong spot". My latest trick has been Out of Sight Out of Mind. I brought out a Squad and set them up, painting them now and when I am done they will go to the Back and I will bring out something else.