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Monday, 12 July 2010

Not Angels but painting practice.

Just to get used to painting and improve my techniques, i thought rather than trying it on my army, i'd try it on some other models i had given to me as a gift by the lovely girlfriend. When i started i couldn't decide between Orks or Ultramarines, so she got me a bit of both, a box of Ork Boyz and Marneus Calgar. When the Blood Angel Codex came out, that threw those ideas out the window. I painted them anyway and think they came out ok. The cloak of Marneus looks cool but doesn't look so good on the photograph. I couldn't seem to catch it right (and i'm a photographer!! i quit!! haha). I just painted the Nob of the boyz but Orks are very cool and fun to paint

I'm currently painting a 5 man Death Company Squad. They should be done soon so i'll get a picture up as soon as they're done.


Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've been painting a lot and haven't had the time to post any pics. I also painted a couple other figures which were given to me as a gift, i'll get those pics up tonight after work.

Went to my local gaming club last week, nice group of people. Should be getting my first game on wednesday. Just wish my army was finished/painted. Looks like the army's i'll be fighting will be either SM, Eldar or Orks. Looking forward to it.

Hope you all are well