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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sanguinary Guard

Well aren't they pretty...! Sanguinary Guard, another expensive squad. Very cool to use, specially with the chapter banner having +1 attack making that 4 each on the charge. Haven't used these guys much due to the points, i might replace the Death Company with these one night just to get the hang of them, its an easy replacement with them both being similar point values. The time i have used them i deep striked with Dante which ment i didn't scatter due to Surgical Strike. Having 2 Infernus Pistols ment they were nice tank killers but having the worst luck with rolling dice, nothing happened. I then got into combat but couldn't do that in my turn because i deep striked, so no charge for me adding an attack. They got squished but im sure thats my fault in the way i was using them. Still they look good on the table..... so thats cool.......


1 comment:

  1. Yeah the Sang Guard are like the Spanish Inquisition when they are with Dante. Needlepoint accuracy but pretty much a One Shot limit because any savvy opponent will immediately be dropping boatloads of fire into them to keep there from ever being a second shot from them. Good Dice luck can gut an opposing Army they are worth the investment,