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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

5 Man Death Company

So here they are, men of the Black Rage. Putting them together i wanted to equip them with all the bad ass weapons but now after playing the game, i've quickly come to realise how expensive they are, having all the trimmings! I now think they would be a lot better off being in a Rhino and just having their standard weapons, Bolt Pistol and Chainsword. Maybe even make them 10 rather than 5. Running them how they are i put them with Astorath the Grim for the re-rolling on hits and wounds. I found flying them over the battlefield i'd loose 2 or 3 before i even got in combat which was pretty pointless by the time i got there, though Astorath is a monster and does just fine! I'm the sort of player that has to play them how they're modelled so for now i will have to find away to keep them alive. If your going to use these fellers in your line up be warned these 5 as they are have a point value of 260! 5x Jump packs, Power fist, Thunder hammer, Powersword and Infernus pistol.

Its all a learning curve but at the same time its been fun using them.


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  1. Yeah they are expensive as all get out actually. Many of the BA Units are very pricey..but when you get them raining fiery death down on you... it is not pretty at all. Beautiful paint work Busty..I hate you and envy you :P